Sunday, 3 July 2016

Girl Next Door - Nicci Haydon

So, for my first "real" post on Lesbians Writes, I am pleased to present a review of the beautiful short story Girl Next Door by Nicci Haydon.
Book Blurb:
This lust filled lesbian fantasy will take you on a roller coaster ride into the heart of desire and temptation. With luxurious, graphic descriptions of sexual acts, and an underlying theme of adultery, it is intended for adults only, and not for the faint of heart.

Monica lives in a respectable neighborhood of trimmed lawns and roses. She's happily married, comfortably wealthy and content with her life as a homemaker and mother. But when Katrin moves in next door, what starts out as suggestion and flirtation soon unleashes a part of Monica that she didn't know existed. The new girl next door is young, confident and playful. She knows what she wants, and she'll stop at nothing in her quest for seduction.

“Girl Next Door”, part of the Lesbian Temptation Series, includes the original short story, appearing here as Part 1, as well as the fast-paced novelette that picks up where that story leaves off.
My Review:
My first impression of this book is - Mmm!! It definitely warmed me up in all of the right places.  Nicci's descriptions of the play between Monica and Katrin are both delicious and stimulating, while her ability to build the tension in the tale to keep you hanging on and wanting more is exquisite.
The beauty of the story is how it handles Monica's first exposure to a lesbian relationship, and how her young lithe partner both entices and eventually captures her affections.  This leads to a newer appreciation of her own sexuality for Monica, opening up a new vista of possibilities, while rekindling the passion for her relationship with her husband - yes, both of the main characters are married to men! - that age and children and the general flow of life had eroded.
I am happy to say that Nicci Haydon is an accomplished writer, who turns out detailed, tightly written stories.  The tale flows smoothly, even though it is broken into two parts, and the overall result is a beautifully written story that leaves you ready for more - as well as ready to indulge in some light relief yourself! ;)
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Looking forward to more, Nicci!
Ashen xxx

Welcome to Lesbians Writes

Hi, everyone, and welcome to my newest blog - Lesbians Writes!
I needed a place to write about and promote Lesbian Fiction and F/F tales and their authors, and to publish reviews and blog posts about Lesbians writing about Lesbians, as well as share beautiful erotica of the female form.  So I set up this blog to give voice to everything Lesbian and Femdom related.
The appearance of the site is still in the embryonic stage at the moment, and will evolve over time, so don't be surprised when things change, as they surely will.
So welcome - and I hope you enjoy the posts as much as I will putting them together.
Ashen xxx